Just like the rest of its predecessors that belong to the S4 family, this exclusive smartphone has also been created with the motto of trying to be as ‘human’ as ever possible in order to make life all the more sensationally personalized to the common person.

However, it must be admitted that this latest release has gone one step further, for it’s not just a smartphone but a compact camera as well! Being the first ever smartphone to integrate not one, but two cameras in its stylish yet ergonomically designed model (i.e. with one at the front of the display and the other at the rear), it makes all tech-savvy enthusiasts wonder if the vast arena of telecommunications could ever reach higher and improve any better than this in future!

Arriving integrated with a 16-megapixel camera that boasts of optical zoom 10 times than the original image, it’s high time that we bundle up our supplementary compact digicams and leave them in our basements. What with efficacious image stabilization, xenon flash and 8GB of packed internal storage, this particular smartphone is sufficient for all our photography needs; be it at a nightclub in the dead of night or en route a safari in scorching midday sunshine!

Apart from technical specifications, here are just some of the inbuilt programs that have been dynamically incorporated by the developers at Samsung into the S4 Zoom; read on to know more!

1) Dual shot: Taking a snapshot cannot get any more comprehensive than this! With camera lenses present at the front and back of the device, clicking a picture can reveal a photograph from both angles unlike the individual scene that you may usually end up with when clicking from a singularly dimensional angle.

2) Drama shot: People or objects that are continuously active can be innovatively captured as a series of moving figures that are then encapsulated in relevant order as a single image.

3) Action Freeze: This is another option for anything and everything that is rigorously in motion; capturing a single, blur-free image of the moving person/object, exactly as its name suggests.

4) Sound and shot: Over the S4 Zoom, pictures are now able to talk! Yes, a simultaneous recording of sound in due process of clicking for a photograph is also carried out in synchronization by the elements of this smartphone to deliver an even more of a personalized experience to its user.

5) Story album: A flexible program that caters to the need of organizing all the memories that you have captured, Story album conveniently stows away each and every photograph by presenting it in a timeline format – with the complimentary addition of little pieces of text that elaborate on the varied factors concerning the origin of the picture such as its venue or participants.

6) Zoom Ring: Being an exclusive option to conveniently help share an image immediately via MMS while in a phone call, a quick turn of the Zoom Ring shall ensure that whatever you wish to share with your acquaintance on the other end of the line is swiftly adhered to.

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Temperature Controller PID temperature controllers, thermocouple, DIN rail controller and PID Controller are some of the products available with ucontrol com au among a wide variety.

Working for last 15 years EQ Works provide help numerous brands in getting to their digital objectives and developing and executing to juice most out of the digital market. EQ Works are the ones who have spent millions in the mission to provide the best product which is bound to provide extensive spectrum of functionality.EQ Works provide the solutions that are based on the ones that provided best performances to the customers and after looking at the results the EQ Works began offering these solutions to other companies.

WhatsApp alternatives for your smartphones

best WhatsApp alternatives for smartphonesGone are the days when traditional cell phones had become a mania; today the smartphones are more in use and considered more reliable and easy to use because a smartphone is more advanced in

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its connectivity and other features. WhatsApp messenger is a messaging application that allows users to exchange messages, images, video and audio media messages in a cross platform. You may say that WhatsApp is an application that combines SMS and online messaging together. WhatsApp is an application available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows phone, Symbian and Nokia. Android users use WhatsApp for free while the iOs users have to pay an annual fee of $0.99, android users can use this service for free just for a one year but after one year these users have to pay a fee that others users used to pay to get benefit from this messenger service. The best alternatives to WhatsApp messenger are illustrated under:

Viber: it is an app available for platform of Android, Blackberry, iPhones, and Windows phone. The users who use this app can call; send instant text messages and images, audio and video messages to other Viber users for free without any additional fees to pay. Viber also allows users to call people who do not have Viber, but in such case the call would be assumed as a regular call and the caller has to pay for such call.

LINE: a favorite app to call and send messages for free, and is categorized as no1 free app in countries like Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and many others. It is a good one alternative for WhatsApp messenger in your smartphone; for this communication app allows users to make free calls for as long as they want to, and offers users to send messages to smartphones and PCs as well. 140 million users across the world are using this app and it in itself announces the credibility of this app.

Facebook Messenger: this could be a great alternative communication app for WahtsApp messenger; the users using this app can send messages to their friends and family members who are on facebook and this is certainly the disadvantage of using this app. On the other hand, messages’ sending is fast and more instant through facebook Messenger. Even if a person is not using a smart phone, he can still reply to a message by confirming his mobile number.

KakaoTalk: released in 2010 by Kakao Corp. this mobile application has become a choice of 80 million people over the world. It is a multiple platform messaging app allowing its users to make calls and send messages absolutely free. The users do not have to bother for logging in and registering, all they need to use this app is to enter their correct phone number so that they can enjoy a one to

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one or group chat with their friends who are using this service over a WiFi and 3G. This app is available for smartphones like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Bada, and Windows phone.

Skype: with this application the users can make free audio and video calls, send messages and share images and videos to each other over a Wifi and 3G. Skype can prove a best substitute to WhatsApp messenger in your smartphone because its features are startling to use.

LiveProfile: smartphones like blackberry, iPhone, and Android can use LiveProfile a multi cross platform messenger as an alternative app for WhatsApp messenger. The function of this app is to provide services of sending text and images in real time without paying a single penny as fee.

GroupMe: this service allows users to chat for free without bothering the consideration of having a smart phone. It is a social networking app allows users to chat in groups anytime and anywhere.

Kik: this messenger is built for smart phones like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows phone and Symbian. It is fast, simple and personal messenger that uses a username instead of user’s mobile number and thus a favorite messenger by 14 million people.

ChatON: initially this app was built for used by Samsung smartphone but later on this app has got platforms of iOS, Windows phone, and BlackBerry.

WeChat: this app can be proved a good alternative to WhatsApp messenger for smartphones. This app allows users to connect with each other in iPhones and ipads, and other smart phones mobile platform for no amount to pay for.

Improving Mobile Typing Skills

Typing on a laptop or on a desktop is entirely a different procedure while compared with typing on mobiles or smart phones. When you type on a laptop, you have enough space and room for the movement of your arms and hands but when you type some text on your mobile phones, it may prove for you a hard nut to crack because a QWERTY mobile does not offer you much space to move your arms and fingers. It is tricky to type with smart phones as well as other mobile phones, but practice makes a man perfect and such is the case with mobile typing. If you want to learn enhance your mobile typing skills, all you need is the more practice you can do to improve your mobile typing. Many of the smart phones users are to be found complaining about the difficulties in typing with touch screen because typing through a touch screen is contrary to typing with a usual mobile phones.

Ordinarily, a usual mobile phone handset allows you to type with two thumbs of your hands while fingers supporting the mobile handset. But while you are typing on a smart phone, you use your pointer finger to type with. On touch screen mobile phones, pointer finger always works wonderfully because it offers user a bigger space for movement of hands and arms. Your position while typing should be accurate and determined, while having mobile phones in your hands you should try to place yourself and your mobile on accurate position. With a pointer finger on touch screen, you may find yourself typing with more precision and correctness.

Typing Apps and typing games may help you improving your mobile typing skills on touch screen keyboard. TapTyping for iOs smart phones help improving typing, my typing tutor is designed to boost typing on Android cell phones. You can increase your typing skills when you practice a lot more and it surely results for you.

Typing shortcuts may help you save your time while typing on touch screen keyboard. Instead of typing lengthy sentences, try to use abbreviated words and shortcuts. This will also enhance your capability of typing on mobile phones.

Typing with touch screen keyboard often hampers your brain but the practice, the patience and the effort you do to improve your typing skills help you a lot in the long run. With the right position of your hands, arms and your mobile handset, you may find it easy to type without cramping your fingers.

Mobile apps—World is grooving to this new changing environment

Gadgets and gizmos – the new time pass products for growing children. The new advanced technology and its spread out flexibility is making the creation of everything & anything actually possible. Amongst them creating beautiful, groovy apps are slowly taking hold of the market.

Companies or any

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ambitious gizmo-lover guy, building apps is taking the toll of the market. Build Apps, within a couple of minutes—is the slogan of various mega IT companies. Building apps or recreating them exclusively is quite easy in terms of any individual.

Many website development companies are making apps creation as a part of their business application. This is one of the most profitable, simple and pleasurable way to earn money. Whether it’s a web app or a mobile app; creation of apps is both cost-minimization & output maximization application. Anyone at any time can create it without any hassle.

Many IT companies are promoting the slogan—“Built Apps, earn money, get promotion”. These companies are even allowing public to create apps at a very low price. They aren’t charging high price against it. As a result, those individuals are getting a platform to flash their creativity, upon that the company is earning promotions and is able provide customer satisfaction.

This World Wide Web is covering up the new generation at a stable rate. If you have the desire to earn some

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extra bucks and want to squeeze out your creativity, then jump into this world of building apps. You can earn both fame and if god’s hand is over your head, then you can even go on earning some money

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in future.
These apps creation is also increasing they mobile internet facility amongst the local people. Various websites cum companies are getting acquainted through these apps creation accessibility; ravishing promotion, marketing & publishing irrespective of the fact whether it is small or big.

Some websites even allows the apps creation procedure completely free of cost. Individuals can go on creating apps on a multiple basis, that too completely free of cost. The best part is that these websites will even help you create the apps and somehow, if something goes wrong during these websites will even send you warnings and further suggestions, to help you successfully create the app and upload it on their webpage.

It is a very fun and frolic related work; whether it‘s a large company or a small business or a single individual, everyone are on the platform of creating apps, uploading them, selling them & promoting them simultaneously.

Summary: Web apps, mobile apps or Internet apps; apps creation is the new application raging through the market. Commoners to celebrities, businessmen to politicians, everyone is opting to creating, uploading and using apps. Building apps is also a playmate for old people, who have the urge to cope up with the latest technology.

Author Bio: Dilshad Alam was thoroughly researching on the topic “build apps”. This talented and maverick writer is bringing up topics, which various people are oblivious of.

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He is one of those writers, we should be obliged of.

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Hello World! Complete

Your next

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step is to import the package TextView from android.widget. This will
give you access to the TextView and let you create your own instance of it. Place this
code near the top of your current file, where the existing import
statements are
import android.widget.TextView;
Now, create an instance of TextView. By creating the TextView instance, you can use
it to display text to the screen without directly modifying main.xml. Place the following
code after the onCreate( ) statement is fired:
TextView HelloWorldTextView = new TextView(this);

TextView takes a handle to the current context as an argument. Pass this to the
TextView to associate it with the current context. If you follow the hierarchy
through the SDK, HelloWorldText extends Activity, which extends
ApplicationContext, which in turn extends Context. This is how you can
pass this to your TextView.
The preceding line creates an instance of TextView named HelloWorldTextView
and then instantiates HelloWorldTextView, by setting it to a new TextView. The new
TextView is passed the context of this to be fully instantiated.
Now that the TextView is defined, you can add your text to it. The following line of
code assigns the text “Hello World!” to the TextView:
HelloWorldTextView.setText(“Hello World!”);
This line lets you set the text of your TextView. setText( ) lets you assign a string to the

Your TextView has been created and now contains the message that you want to
display. However, simply passing “Hello World!” to the TextView does not display
anything to the screen. As discussed previously, you need to set the ContentView to


display something to the screen. You have to use the following code to set TextView
to the context and display it to the screen:
Examining this line, you can see that you pass to setContentView your TextView. The
preceding three lines of code are what it takes to make your Hello World! application.
You created a TextView, assigned your text to it, and set it to the screen. All things
considered, this is not very complicated at all.
The full contents of your file should look like the following:
package android_programmers_guide.HelloWorldText;

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.widget.TextView;
public class HelloWorldText extends Activity {
/** Called when the activity is first created. */
public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {
/**Hello World JFD */
/**BEGIN */
/**Create TextView */
TextView HelloWorldTextView = new TextView(this);
/**Set text to Hello World */
HelloWorldTextView.setText(“Hello World!”);

/**Set ContentView to TextView */
/**END */
Now compile and run your new Hello World! application in the Android Emulator.
Choose Run | Run or press CTRL-F11 to launch the application in the Android Emulator. The following illustration depicts the results of your Hello World! application.

You have just created your first

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full Android Activity. This small project demonstrated
a fairly common execution of a Hello World! application. You set a TextView to the
Activity’s ContentView and displayed the “Hello World!” message to a cell phone screen
in the Android Emulator. The following section looks at a slightly different way of
implementing Hello World!, using an image.

Hello World! Again

While I have discussed the existence of this TextView in the xml, I have not yet discussed why it works without any corresponding code. I mentioned earlier in this book hat there are two ways to design a UI for Android: through the code, and through the main.xml file. The preceding code sample creates a TextView in xml and sets the text to “Hello World, HelloWorldText.” Edit this line of the main.xml file to read as follows:
android:text=”This is the text of an Android TextView!”
Rerun the project, and your results should appear as they do in this illustration. Take some time and experiment with the xml TextView.
Then you can move on to

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another way of creating a Hello World! application.

Hello World! Again
In this section, you will create another Hello World! application for Android. However, this time you will program the UI in code rather than by using the xml file—and you will actually do most of the work. The first step here is to remove the TextView code that is in main.xml. The following section of code represents the TextView. Removing it essentially makes your application an empty shell.
android:text=”Hello World, HelloWorldText”

After you have removed the TextView code, your main.xml file should look like this:
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=
Now that you have a clean main.xml file, and thus a clean application shell, you can
begin to add the code that will display “Hello World!” on the screen. Start by opening the file and removing the following line:

You still need to set a ContentView for your new application; however, you are going
to implement it slightly differently from how it is implemented here, so it is best to just
remove the entire statement for now.

Video Chat for Android in 30 Lines of Code

YouTube Preview Image
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try it.

TIP Part 2

Considering that the setContentView( ) method is being told to set main.xml as the
current View, and main.xml contains a TextView that says “Hello World, HelloWorldText,”
it may be safe to assume that compiling and running HelloWorldText now will give
you your Hello World! application. To test this, run your unaltered HelloWorldText
application. Choose Run | Run to open the Run As dialog box, select Android Application,
and click OK.

The new project you just established contains the code to create a Hello World!
application on its own. However, that is not very engaging, nor does it teach you very
much about programming an Android application. You need to dissect the project and
see exactly how the project displayed the “Hello World!” message.
What happened when you created the new Android project is that the Android plugin
modified main.xml. This is a perfect example of one way to modify the UI in Android.
The following lines of code are added to main.xml by the Android SDK when the project
is created:
android:text=”Hello World, HelloWorldText”


If you do not see the android.os.Bundle import statement in your project, expand the
tree within your development window. Eclipse rolls up all the import statements under
the first one, so you must expand the tree to see the rest of them.
Focusing now on your class HelloWorldText, you can see that it extends the Activity
class. Activity is imported from the previous lines. All applications derive the Activity class,
and this derivation is required for running an application on Android. For something to
run and be displayed on the screen, it must be derived from Activity.
The HelloWorldText class holds the code needed to create, display, and run your
application. Right now there is only one method in your HelloWorldText class that is
defined with code in it, onCreate( ).
The onCreate( ) method takes in icicle as a bundle. That is, all of the current
state information is bundled as an icicle object and held in memory. You will not be
directly handling icicle in this application, but you need to be aware of its presence
and purpose.

The next line in the file is the one that really does some perceptible action:
The method setContentView( ) sets the Activity’s content to the specified resource.
In this case, we are using the main.xml file from the layout directory via the pointer in
the file. The main.xml file, right now, contains nothing more than the size of the
HelloWorldText screen and a TextView. The TextView is derived from View and is used
to display text in an Android environment. Reviewing the contents of main.xml, you can
see that it contains the following line:
android:text=”Hello World, HelloWorldText”

.java File

<activity>.java File The file in the src directory that you will spend the most time with
is <activity>.java ( in this example), which is created by the Android
plugin and named to match the Activity name that you specified in the New Android
Project wizard. Unlike most of the files you have examined in this section, this file is
completely editable; in fact, it will do very little for you if you do not modify it with
your code.
After briefly looking at what is in your file as it is created by the
Android plugin, you will then edit the file to create your first Android Activity.

package android_programmers_guide.HelloWorldText;
import android.os.Bundle;

public class HelloWorldText extends Activity {
/** Called when the activity is first created. */
public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {
The three lines at the top of the file are the standard preprocessor directives—that is,
as in most programming languages, statements that are directives to the compiler to run
before the application process. In this case, you have the definition and inclusion of your
package android_programmers_guide.HelloWorldText.
The next two lines import specific packages from the Android SDK via android.jar:

import android.os.Bundle;
These lines tell the project to include all the code from the imported packages before all
the code in your application. These two lines are critical for your base Android application
and should not be removed..