Adventure Games For Android – Play In A Better Way

Much advancement has been made in the adventure games from time to time. Gone are the days when adventure games were meant as super Mario and contra. Today, numerous games are available in the online market such as play store which offers a wide collection of adventure games for android. Below here is a list of games that can help you bring out the adventurous you. The walking dead: season 1 [FREE] The walking dead season one has won almost Read more [...]

Monopoly Games For Android – For The Lovers Of Monopoly

For the lovers of monopoly and casino’s Google playstore has so much to offer, themes in which one can become a tycoon or even a millionaire virtually. Many games have come and gone but some games have lifted the bar of gaming. One can pay for extra packs and much more. Some of the Monopoly Game For Android which are popular are mentioned below- Monopoly Slots [FREE] Try your luck with 3x3 slots, and enjoy gaming with high speed graphics Read more [...]

The Most popular Strategy Games on Android

Strategy Games are the best workout of our intelligence capabilities. They challenge the mind, the reactions and the fill capacity of the brain, which is why they are not among the most favored games on the market. However, in recent times players are more and more challenged by these games and try to conquer the game, therefore, each year these games develop more and more. When it comes to the Android operative system,the strategy games are quite Read more [...]

Football Games For Android For Football Freaks

Bring out your fantasy for a perfect football game for android. From world class, renowned leaders in game making such as E.A Sports.(Electronic arts) which bring the free high quality FIFA 15 can make you thrilled. Football has been a crazy sport, moreover a loved sport. It has been loved by people from all over the globe. Game production companies like gameloft and electronic arts have provided a better platform for unleashing your fantasy for football Read more [...]

Capturing Screens is now Easier with Android Screenshot Apps

There are so many android screenshot apps available on Google store which help you take screenshots from your mobile screen. These screenshot apps can help you take a picture of conversations or snapchat images. These screenshot images are stored in folders of memory card or phone memory depending upon your choice. These android screenshot apps can help in taking images as a proof or record. For instance, if you want to save images for proofs in Read more [...]

Save on Phone Bills Using Viber Android VOIP App

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a technology used to transfer voice or other streaming sounds using the Internet infrastructure and protocols. With advent of 3G mobile networks VoIP platforms became widely accepted among mobile users, allowing them to save on costly GSM calls. About Viber Viber is the most popular Android app for VoIP calls. Although launched much later than some other VoIP apps such as Skype it gained popularity very quickly Read more [...]

Play Flappy Bird For Free – Flappy Birds In 3d Now Available On Android

Flappy bird is an entertainment game for kids. Little ones from all over the globe love to Play Flappy Bird For Free in their free time. From different bird games which are available, flappy bird has always remained the first choice for kids. Floppy birds 3D- [FREE] This game is a fun to play and a family entertainment as well. This game is in 3d which is the best part about it. The game follows the 3 dimension visual graphics which tend to enhance Read more [...]