Top Android Podcast Apps

The podcast is basically the speeches or the talks about some specific topics. Even there are several topics and channels to listen to. In the older devices, there were the built-in podcasts in the media player. And from there you can download your favourite channel from the internet, and listen to them anytime. And as there was the change in the devices, the trend of podcasts decreased. But now this trend has risen suddenly with many Podcast Apps. And with the help of these apps, you can listen to your favourite podcasts anytime you want. Well, some of these Podcast apps are paid and some are available for free with some limitations. So if you are the fan of podcasts then some of those are described below.



You can get this app for free with some limitation, and in order to get your hands on all the features of this app then you need to buy its full version for $6.99. The layout of this app is really awesome, and give you’re a good feel as well. Furthermore this app is not just limited to the audio podcasts, instead, you will get to see the video podcasts as well. This app includes the podcasts from some big names as well which includes ESPN and CNN. Moreover, the features of this app include Smart Playlist, widgets, Chrome Cast Support, and download options.


This is one of the most amazing Podcast Apps, and you can get it for a very small price of $2.99. This is really famous podcast app from a very long time, and it has some of the great features as well. Even though it is one of the old Podcast Apps, but still it does not lacks in the features as compared to the other latest apps. And some of those features include Chrome cast, Android Auto, and Android Wear. Besides this, it supports both audio and video podcasts. Besides this all you can choose light and dark theme as well.

Pocket Casts


This is one of the latest Podcast Apps, and it is available for $3.99 which is really less in front of the features given by this app. This app has a unique design, with dark and light themes. Then further there is also playlist support with audio and video podcasting. Besides this, you can create an account, and if you wants to change the device, then in the new device you can get all your podcasts back.

Google Music

Who is not familiar with the group of applications provided by Google, and Google music is one of them. There are no charges of downloading this app. But after that, you have to pay $9.99 for one month. And for your whole family, you can get the package of $15.99 for a month. And they have launched their podcasting feature in 2016. And after that, there was a growing trend of starting podcasting. And with this app, you can get the best experience of listening podcasts.