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Android Phone Problems – Identify Charging Issue and Solve it

Android Phone Problems

Are you getting android phone problems? Are you getting issues with the battery of your Android smartphone? Are you looking for the solution to fix the slow battery charging issues of your smartphone?  Well, these all problems are common, and almost every user of Android seeks the answers to these questions. I am not saying that you are a victim ...

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How medical Calculator is useful for students

Medical Calculator is an android app that is highly useful for the medical students in their studies. It is a wonderful next generation medical app that gives a helpful support to the students and learners of the medical section. There is no privilege answer in the matter of discovering a decent therapeutic adding machine application, as it is discovered an ...

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How ASCVD app is effective in preventing from heart attack

The Heart attack is a fatal disorder and should be avoided with precautions. There are four guidelines that have been released by the American Heart Association for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders. For supporting the implementation of the above mentioned guidelines you must need a mobile application that is an ASCVD Risk Estimator. It helps the users in controlling ...

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Learn How to Make a Game for Android?

Android Developer

The improving software technology is among the few things that has been embraced by almost everyone in the world. Very few people can say that the software technology has a negative impact. There must be something in this field that impresses people. Many people just love to play android games and have always wanted to know how to make a ...

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Little Known But Effective Augmented Reality Android Apps

Android Apps

Augmented Reality is an old concept but still alien to many. Many are not very familiar with them but it is something that is capable of taking us to a whole new perspective of the world surrounding us by the use of the Augmented Reality Android apps. The name of the app and their functionality come from the combination of ...

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The Best Android Podcast App That Will Not Give You a Run for Your Money

Android Podcast App

You would rather call it podcasts rather than a comeback simply because the former is more popular than the latter. There are so many popular media outlets of android podcast app as well as individual podcasts such as those of Rachel Maddow and Joe Rogan. Our Mobile Roar Podcast can also not be left out of the list. So many places ...

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