Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks

Samsung is one of the top brands for Android Phones, and at the present moment, it is one of the most selling brands as well. And many of your do not know that in their new launch which is known as Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 plus have some of the hidden tricks in them. SO below are some of those S8 Tips and Tricks are describe below.

Change Size of Icons and App Screen Grid

Unlike in the other android phones is that you can change the icon size on your home screen as you want. Just tap the screen for a little longer, and then enter the settings from there you will get different sizes of the icons like 5×5, 4×5, and 4×6.

Activation of Edge Lightning

As you know that in the latest phones of Samsung there is a slight curve on the both sides of the phone. So in the Samsung S8, you have the ability to turn on and off that curve light separately. This could be done by going to the settings of the phone, from there tap on the display, then tap edge screen, and finally, you will see the edge lighting, and choose your selection.

GIF Creator


In many latest phones there is an option of creating GIF images with the camera, but unlike them, Samsung S8 have the feature of creating animated GIF images which you often see on the Giphy or Netflix. And the most amazing this is that you can make a GIF from the edge panel.

Screen Masks can be changed

Have you ever thought that now unlocking your phone is fun? Well Samsung S8 have made it a fun way, which everyone would like to do it again and again. Now the security scanner will not just scan your face instead it will scan you with many funny animated images on the screen.

Keep the Lights always ON

While using the phone, the most common problem which anyone can face is that battery drains out real soon as expected. Well now Samsung S8 is totally different as in this phone you can keep the lights of the phone always ON, and there you can view the date and time, and not just this you can also view some quick notifications as well. And this is possible with the great battery inside it, and wonderful system to take less energy.

Deactivate Menu Button

If you are fed up of the traditional menu screen and home screen, then it is not an issue anymore. As Samsung S8 has an amazing feature to disable your app drawer. Just tap the home screen for a little longer, and then from there, you can choose that if you want the home screen and app screen both or just home screen. And by choosing home screen all the apps are now available at just your home screen.

Video Filters


You might have heard about the Snapchat and Instagram Filters, and many of you would like to have them on your phone without having any third party application. So Samsung S8 has this amazing feature of video filters in its camera.