Save on Phone Bills Using Viber Android VOIP App

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a technology used to transfer voice or other streaming sounds using the Internet infrastructure and protocols. With advent of 3G mobile networks VoIP platforms became widely accepted among mobile users, allowing them to save on costly GSM calls. About Viber Viber is the most popular Android app for VoIP calls. Although launched much later than some other VoIP apps such as Skype it gained popularity very quickly Read more [...]

Play Flappy Bird For Free – Flappy Birds In 3d Now Available On Android

Flappy bird is an entertainment game for kids. Little ones from all over the globe love to Play Flappy Bird For Free in their free time. From different bird games which are available, flappy bird has always remained the first choice for kids. Floppy birds 3D- [FREE] This game is a fun to play and a family entertainment as well. This game is in 3d which is the best part about it. The game follows the 3 dimension visual graphics which tend to enhance Read more [...]

Android Best Battery Saver Apps Free Download

Having trouble staying connected? Now, no more trouble will come your way as android battery apps are here! BATTERTY DOCTOR- [FREE] Battery doctor is the most famous and the most downloaded android battery app for saving battery. Battery doctor is trusted by millions of users. With battery doctor one can do more as some features are only known, once you download this app. Download Android  Batterrty Doctor DU BATTERY SAVER [FREE] DU Read more [...]

Best Reliable Navigation Apps for Android

Different types of navigation apps for android are available at playstore which help you to find the routes to your destination in an easy way. With the advent in the technology with time one can now even have voice assistance feature available with these apps. Navigation apps for android are becoming more and more popular with time due to the effectiveness and advancements they have made. Some cool android apps are available for download which are Read more [...]

Angry Bird Game For Android – An Exciting And Fun Game

FEELING ANGRY? Download angry bird game for android to dig out your frustration at the pigs. These pigs steal eggs from the birds! Teach them a lesson today! Angry birds game is available for free download and does not require and high end graphic card installed or a lot of space in the RAM. It is a very simple yet one of its kind games in the android marketplace. This game has been downloaded by millions of people which include kids as well. All Read more [...]

Racing Games For Android – For All Those Racing Freaks Who Love Biking

Racing games are always fun and can be played anywhere. With android, one can download so many racing games. Racing games for android are of different price tags, some are free and some are paid. However, paid is always a better option in case you are a gaming freak. Let’s discuss some games which are paid and some which are free. TRAFFIC RACER [FREE] This game is very simple and has been designed with low graphics but at the same time this Read more [...]

Take Out Your Frustration With The Help Of Angry Bird For Android Free Download

Download Android Angry Bird Angry Bird For Android Free Download is the only game which does not require any introduction. It has been downloaded by people all over the world and has proven to be one of the best android games which are available. Angry birds is a stage oriented game. This makes this game even more interesting and has been loved by everyone. The game is kind of shooting game where different techniques can be used to kill the Read more [...]