Best Paid Games for Android That Are Jaw Dropping

The quest for the best paid games for android has been topped by a few. However, paid online games which can be downloaded from the playstore are extremely fun to play and give better experience in the gaming time. For the paid games, there are many things which come for free, such as – you don’t have to worry about the expiration date of the game. These paid games are not any demo version, so almost every feature is unlocked accordingly in the Read more [...]

Multiplayer Games- Challenge for the Youngest

Nowadays the smartphones have extremely powerful hardware, and the game creators know exactly how to take its advantage. Playing multiplayer games on a smartphone via the android operating system is considered routine and sometimes it can be a bit monotonous, but there are so many multiplayer games that have a lot to offer their users. Every day new games are created and new users join each of the many servers to play these games. There are countless Read more [...]

The Ultimate Boredom Killer – Android Gratis Games

Today the smart phones are the most popular attraction for humanity especially for the young people. The smart phones have many different applications which the users can enjoy. The most commonly visited market which is used by the Android users is the Play Store. Play Store offers many android games for free. The most popular and downloaded games are Angry Birds, Tetris, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Babbled, Fruit Ninja Free, Looney Tunes Dash, Read more [...]

Download Racing Games For Android – A Real Fun!

Playing racing games on android is like racing in a real situation and the experience is even more exciting when you are playing the game in 3D graphics. These games with high quality graphics and sound system have become popular among youngsters because of the trill and excitement they offer. People who are addicted to racing games can easily download racing games for android from online sources. Turbo Racing 3D [Free] This is an addictive 3D Read more [...]

Adventure Games For Android – Play In A Better Way

Much advancement has been made in the adventure games from time to time. Gone are the days when adventure games were meant as super Mario and contra. Today, numerous games are available in the online market such as play store which offers a wide collection of adventure games for android. Below here is a list of games that can help you bring out the adventurous you. The walking dead: season 1 [FREE] The walking dead season one has won almost Read more [...]

Monopoly Games For Android – For The Lovers Of Monopoly

For the lovers of monopoly and casino’s Google playstore has so much to offer, themes in which one can become a tycoon or even a millionaire virtually. Many games have come and gone but some games have lifted the bar of gaming. One can pay for extra packs and much more. Some of the Monopoly Game For Android which are popular are mentioned below- Monopoly Slots [FREE] Try your luck with 3x3 slots, and enjoy gaming with high speed graphics Read more [...]

The Most popular Strategy Games on Android

Strategy Games are the best workout of our intelligence capabilities. They challenge the mind, the reactions and the fill capacity of the brain, which is why they are not among the most favored games on the market. However, in recent times players are more and more challenged by these games and try to conquer the game, therefore, each year these games develop more and more. When it comes to the Android operative system,the strategy games are quite Read more [...]