Fabulous Apps for Today

In our day to day life. We have to deal with several necessary and unnecessary events where we find our cell phone useful and in order to give you more plentiful featuring the new apps are enlisted below. Check it out and feel joy. Apps of the Day: The newly launched applications are given here. They are just released. They ...

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App of the day-VSCO

Photography is also been a great pleasure and delight for us and we are always in this desire to find out some more features and the new apps in this regard. By that, we can have great features. With this way, there is an application named as VSCO, but now this application has introduced some new features and totally changed ...

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Amazing applications you should interface

The technology of android is famous due to the applications it can digest. So the applications you require must in your android or amazing applications which can certainly enhance the efficiency of your android and can pay to feature to it. These applications can help you a lot. Your android can have the charm of the great platform that it ...

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5 apps for today

With the dramatic rise in our day to day activities and as the globe is taking a sharp turn by covering the distance as rapid as taking a breath. The technology is also taking great steps. If you will take about technology so without the name of android it is impossible to talk. Android is also taking great steps to ...

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Play Console For Developers

Google Play Console

Being an app developer or application designer has means a lot but what when you became an App developer and the problems you faced afterwards. After designing an application here are many terms and issues which come to make you irritate and create frustration. But now thanks to Google (our friend), Google has introduced a fabulous application for the developers ...

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Best Android Games for Kids – Candy Crush

Best Android Games Candy Crush

Nowadays making your kid happy is the most irritating and difficult task. Because the kids are very curious and very intelligent for the selection of games. The best android games for your kids is right here. Now you need not worry about this issue. One of The Best Android Games That Suits Parents: If you are a parent and your ...

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Android M or Android N – Which is more Attractive

Android N

From Google I/O, it is clear that Android N will be out very soon. But what will be the benefits to having Android N over Android M. Of course, there will be a lot of updates, and we are still waiting for the details of Android N, but it should be aware of the fact that what version will be ...

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