HTC Android Apps

Internet brought a revolution as information became accessible from anywhere and anytime. It changed the way people communicate and how private enterprises and governments function. Internet penetration became more profound when internet was available on mobile phones at the fingertips of people. In order to enhance the experience mobile applications were developed which performed the tasks utilizing optimum resources of ...

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Never Lose Your Data With Free Backup Android Apps

App Backup & Restore App Backup and Restore offers complete backup to android devices. Using this app, user can create backup to SD card, send apps between devices using Bluetooth and create Wi-fi, batch backup, Batch restore, Backup links for protected apps, Auto backup install, Multi version backup, Google market app search and other related features. This is one of ...

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High Rated Android TV Apps Free Download

Android TV Remote Control Android TV Remote Control is one of the Android Tv Apps that can turn an android phone or tablet into TV remote. The app can switch between two modes, touchpad, and D- pad to allow users to play games and navigate through the content on Android TV device. Switching on the Mic button offers voice search and ...

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Best Paid Android Apps at Google PlayStore

HD Widget Android app

Lookout Mobile Security [Price: $2.99/month or $29.99/year] Lookout Mobile Security provides antivirus, GPS phone location detection and backup/restore features in an android phone. One can make the phone scream when it is lost somewhere inside the home or office. Also, user can remotely operate the phone if it’s lost and keep the information secure. This app is available in a ...

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High Quality Android Spy Apps Free Download

spy camera android app

You have a great opportunity to be a real spy with the most exciting Android Spy Apps easily compatible with your android devices. The spy apps let you extract secret and suspicious information via photos, recorder and strategy games to make you feel that you are an efficient spy. You can choose one of the Android spy apps that can ...

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Best Android Game Apps Free Download


Who doesn’t like to get rid of stress and entertain oneself by playing a few games on one’s smartphone? Today we bring you the best android games which you may already have played but if not you should certainly check them out. Subway Surfers Subway Surfers is an Arcade style game which is offered by Kiloo for free. In this ...

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Useful Android Apps Free Download

Android smart phones have become most popular among users all over the globe. People who find the iPhone beyond their reach buy the android as the next best alternative. In any case,whatever, be the cost of the smart phone, it cannot be enjoyed to the fullest without downloading some useful apps on it. Google’s play store is filled with a ...

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