How to install Lineage OS 14.1 ROM on Xiaomi Mi5s?

IF you are a Xiaomi Mi5 owner, then you have another great option of installing Lineage OS 14.1 on your phone. Basically, this phone is built for an Android operating system of version 7.1 which is also known as Android Nougat. Well for those who does not know that Lineage OS is an unofficial operating system which was developed after Cyanogen MOD OS was finished. And it is in news as well that the developer of Cyanogen MOD OS and Lineage OS are the same person. SO if anyone wanted to enjoy this new operating system, then it is possible for just CM14.1 based ROM which is Xiaomi Mi5 phone.

What is Lineage OS?

Besides this, there are several other features as well which would come after the installation of Lineage operating system at your Xiaomi Mi5 Android based phone. No doubt that Android Nougat is also no less in features and functions, but in Lineage operating system you would not just get those features, but something more as well which is just present in this operating system. SO first of all what you need to do is to install TWRP which is a custom recovery software for installation. Next thing you need to do is to install a custom ROM on your phone.

Basic Steps

Before you start any step just keep this in mind that this method and the operating system is just compatible with just Xiaomi Mi5 phone. SO do not make any mistake to try it on any other otherwise you may result in losing your phone as well. So now you have to start with the basic step of charging, which should be 70% to 80%, well depends on you. As you have already installed TWRP so make a backup of your current ROM with it. Further, if you also wants to make a backup of your current apps then for that you can use Titanium Backup.

Download of Lineage OS

Once you are done with all of these basic steps, then now comes the real procedure of downloading and installing latest Lineage OS 14.1. And for that, you need to download the ZIP file of Lineage OS and GAPPS. Make all of your downloads on your computer. And once you are finished with the downloading, then now just connect your Xiaomi Mi5 phone to your computer with the help of USB. Next what you have to do is to move both of these ZIP files to the internal memory of your phone. Now when it is done you have to reboot your phone to recovery, and it is done when you will hold power button with volume down button.

Now just click the install button for the installation of Lineage operating system, and it will open to show the directory of the ZIP file for Lineage OS. Then just confirm the selection, and reboot your phone. After this do the same thing for the GAPPS ZIP file. Now reboot your phone for final, and your Lineage OS is installed on your Xiaomi Mi5 phone.