Best Android Games for kids-Candy Crush

Nowadays making your kid happy is the most irritating and difficult task. Because the kids are very curious and very intelligent for the selection of games. The best android games for your kids is right here. Now you need not worry about this issue.

The best android games parents accordingly:

If you are a parent and your kid get involved in playing games. This is the things by which most of the parents got trouble and get irritated. Because many kids don’t pay heed to their studies and pay most of the valuable time at playing games. They also don’t get proper food. These are few of the issues by which parents are now suffering from. Now parents can use this tool of kids as a source of joy. This game is a key which can lead towards the best selection of android games ever. Its great benefit is that this game is fruit based. Now by playing this game the kids can get attraction towards the favorite thing ever they had. They can influence in choosing the similarity of eating activities and will get growth in an entertaining way.

Best android games for kids accordingly:

The kids are very choosy in regard to selecting a game. They do it with calm and precisely. The selection of kids are made at the bases of different options given below:


The very famous and most attracted thing which kids look for the selection of a game is that it should contain activity like action. This tool gets most choices. According to several researchers and by the rating of applications it can come to know that action is one of the most liked things .The candy crush has the full of action activities in it. It has many sorts of action sounding.

Sound Effects:

The second thing which is most liked by the kids is the great sound effects. The sound effects of any game give a spark towards your attention. In this regard, candy crush is amazing with its nice and unique sound features. It simply got the attention of kids within no time.


The next thing which comes to matter a lot is the display. How much cooler the app is based on how it looks like. The candy crush is one of the great game in which the theme is unique and can get the attraction. Therefore, mostly adults also love to play it.


The last but not least is the feature of animation which matters a lot in this regard. The animations play the very important role in this regard. So the candy crush has an amazing animation and can have enlightened and the glimpse of such admirable effects in it.

Other features:

It has also a great type of scoring and its bonuses are amazing and can play very important attracted way to get one’s attraction. The kids enjoy it’s all sort of ideas and features.

The all in one most lovely app for your kids amongst the best android games is the candy crush.