Best Android Apps according to Google

Android is one of the leading operating systems nowadays. And more and number of people are turning towards it, and the reason behind this is due to the flexibility of Android Apps by Google. As compared to other platforms you can get many Best Android Apps for free. While on other operating systems most of them are paid, and this thing attracts its users. SO below are some of the Android Top Apps 2017.


This is one of the Top Android Apps of 2017 with the most number of downloads ever. The reviews that this app has gained is 4.4 stars. This app is basically for the text messaging, and here many people around the world gather to share their stories. This app is popular among the gamers, where they can share their reviews and updates about different games.

Mushroom 11

This is another popular Android game, with the best reviews on the Google Play store. This game has gained popularity all over the world with the most downloads ever. This game is among the best Android apps according to the Google. This game has also won Google Play Store Award of 2017. This is basically a puzzle game with amazing sound effects and music.

Runtastic Running & Fitness

IF you want to stay healthy, or if you are health conscious then this is a wonderful app for you. As this app shows us that even if we are addicted to technology, still we cannot compromise our health for that. This app has got the rating of 4.4 stars according to Google. This app is basically a tool to manage your daily fitness routine. Like there is a timer, stopwatch, routeing maps, voice coach, built-in mp3 player and even you will get cheering feature after successful completion of your daily exercises.

Virtual Reality

This is one of the most amazing Android games. As this game features the reality in the virtual world. This game has been awarded as the best one to be played with the VR gear which is a gadget for the latest smartphones. Obviously, as the name suggests this game gives away the feeling like you are in the game for real. AS this is an adventure game.

Red Bull TV

IF you want to make your cell phone as a TV, then you cannot find any other best app than this one. As this app provides you with the best TV watching experience. This app is basically for the sports enthusiasts, because if there is any sport happening in the world. Then you can watch it LIVE on your cell phone without any interruption. Even you can watch the previous matches and sports as well.


No doubt that Pokémon GO is one of the leading reality applications over the Google Play Store, but even this App is no less in giving the feeling of reality to you. IF you want to see any situation around yourself then this app would make it possible for you, whether it is flooding in your street or you want to have a zoo in your home. This app would make your dreams come true.