App of the day-Super lock

Privacy is a term which matters to all of us in all aspects. Either you are a boy or girl or a businessman or a teacher gonna protect his/her cell phone by the crazy students then you don’t need to be stressed over. Although you are aware by the many locks for your android smartest device but it may be different. In many aspects, you will be stunned by the working of this all in one lock screen application.

Super lock

Fabulous functioning:

Its functioning is really amazing and fabulous but how you can find the several types of the features given below:

Locking methods:

Its great working which makes it more unique as compared to others is that you can place many of your different photos to make them as password and it will work efficiently. This is a great technique, applying by which you can have different styles of locking. You can also add the favourited of your wallpapers.

Hunting News:

If you are a news hunter then it can slow down your thirst. It will enlighten in notifications about the news and then you can come to read it. Furthermore, you can also share it with your friends or drag them towards reading.


You can customize the settings about what you want to add into it. It will help you and will display as accordingly you want.

Locking contents:

It has also the features to lock the apps you want by using it. For the installed gadgets you have it will help you a lot. Moreover, it will also enlighten the way how and by which way you want to unlock your apps. These all are the things which make it unique and special among all the others applications.


It will surely work as a reminder. Because many of us forget the dates of birth or the parties of their kids or wishing to someone. Sometimes an important meeting o interview to make a drastic change for your life. And after that, it will make you ashamed due to your bad memory. But now don’t be a worry. Even not a little bit. Want to know how? Well, the surprising feature of this lock would be to make you aware about the reminder or the important days about which you have saved dates. It will help you too.

Weather Notifications:

It has also the feature about the weather widget and it will add to your home screen. Suppose you have to make a plan for a trip or an interview also an important meeting how you will do it. Don’t worry! update this once and it will make you brighter for the seven days of the week. Don’t you worry about travelling now?

Search options:

The searching bar nowadays is as important as breath to a living body. No internet access no touch with technology. But now with this locker, you can do it as well.