App of the day-Every screen is for Reply

After the release of android N, there were some features which need to be fulfilled the desire. In that way, the customer will be able to avail it and can enjoy it. Now the app of the day has really new and amazing feature to make you stunned.

What is it ?

This is an application designed to make you help in replying to any text. You can avail this app with no charges and can enjoy a lot. The name of this app is “Notify”. By name, it is declared that this belongs to some sort of notification as you met in your android. Certainly, it is but it has also some unique featuring to make changes.

How does it work?

By using this application you will get into a new world of replying and it will surely help you to make some important re[ply. Sometimes you would be in posting to not leave a conversation and you may be watching a movie or dealing with and assignment or the documentation of your office. But now this application will help you to make a reply for your conversation without leaving it. You can reply to any text by the single click and you will see the notification bar in front of you. Now press reply and you will do it in no time. Isn’t it amazing? Surely it will be by making your flow towards your running work and without leaving it you can stay in touch with your circle or friends community.

Apps which are supported:

The listed of supported application is given below:

• Telegram
• Hangouts
• Line
• Skype
• Tango
• KakaoTalk
• Twitter
• Text
• ChompSMS
• Facebook Messenger
• Google Messenger
• Plus Messenger


If you are more satisfy then you can also update this application by purchasing it and introducing some new advancement including the colors and new sort of bubbling etc.

You can also donate, in order to serve the humanity by this application.

This application requires:

Internet – used for adds
• Access network – used to receive the advertisement
• System overlay – used for draw at running applications
• Vibrate – for notification.
• Billing – used for in-app purchasing.


If you are having trouble in the google products as exam[ple the hangouts then you can do it by installing some featuring of that so that it can work better.