Android O Features

Android O is one of the latest version developed by Google. And till now they have introduced just the second preview of the Android O with some of their latest features. And the first preview of Android O Features was introduced last year. Google is still working on to improve it, and are planning to make it to the version 8.0. And they are planning to the release the public version of Android O in the coming end of August or in the early weeks of the September.


Tensor Flow

This is one of the latest tools which is just available in this new version of Android. With the help of this tool, even the low power devices can work well without even getting slow. And even the background processes will not even affect its performance. IT is one of the greater tools for the hardware of your phone

Multiple Screens

If you have used the YouTube mobile version application, then you will experience that while watching the video if your press back button, then video screen will adjust to a smaller size on the bottom right corner of your main screen. Well now in the Android O this feature is built in, and now you can perform multiple tasks and use different applications at a single time. Or you can watch your favourite video or movie while your use other apps.

App Notifications

Many of you have seen the small red dots on the app icons when there is some notification. And then you have to open the application in order to remove that dot. Well in the latest Android O you do not need to do anything like that instead what you need to do is to tap and hold the icon for a bit longer and the options menu will open. In that menu, there are several links of inside the app which you can use directly.

Unique Text Selection

In the traditional Android versions if you select any text then the only option which appears is the copy paste, but now in the Android O 8.0 version, there is much more than just copy paste options. If you highlight the phone number then there would be an option to call, and if you highlight some address then there is an option for navigation and in this way much more.

Notification Slide

In different versions of Android, there are different types of notifications slides. And all of them hold your whole screen. Well, now it is rearranged, with a small portion of the screen to cover. Plus you can also access many of your applications directly from the notification slide.

App Badges

Now you do not need to get irritated by the small red bubbles on the top of the application icons. As in the some of the apps, the bubble remains even when there is no notification. SO all you need to do is to turn the app badge off from the settings. And get the relief from this irritation.