Amazing Applications For Android

In the updating life with the ground of technology based on some featured applications which are in our use of the daily grading and adding value to the use of android. You can add these applications to blink the eye of smartness.

Lists of applications:

Here is the list of amazing applications given here:

Rhapsody VR:Rhapsody VR

This application is especially for the people who are intimate about the videos. You can have the new videos and also the previous one by the edition of 360 videos. Moreover by the artist you like and also get in touch with the concerts releasing things.


This is really amazing and overwhelmed application ever. You can have it even you should have it. It will work accordingly and will tend you to how? This application is by the website and by this application you can have the new feature. You can have generative features of your applications while working on it. It will help you a lot to make focus at the certain things you want. It will help you a lot to maintain the attention about one specific thing and not to think about others. But how will it work? It will basically create some sounds to grab your attention.

Nord VPN:Nord VPN

By this application, you can have some sort of different view about the policies or some sort of problem you will face. It will help you to have attention automatically by the access and getting it better ever. Now by this application anywhere you can get access to it and by this, you will at single click get the merging results of your contents.

So now you don’t need to worry about the shows or you are not gonna miss a single one. All shows must come to you.

Vapor for twitter:Vapor for twitter

If you are a user of twitter and now you want to access for the other things here’s the solution for you. Come up man with this fabulous application. You can have this application and by this, you can get click to the Instagram and also the snappy to’. It is the only client which helps the twitter in such way. But a caution for this application you should have the android jelly bean 4.2plus.


This is the really amazing application for the tv lovers. Now you don’t need to search thousands of applications which are useless ultimately. By this application, you can get the tv into your pocket and it will make you amazed in a really realistic way. Because it has almost 1600 plus videos about several contents which you will like and will be delighted. Moreover, it will also help you about by providing the access to the 70 plus channels into your pocket to give you a new look. It has also the 360 content so that you have many at one place.

So it will definitely help you out in an amazing way. This is a new featured application. So say welcome to the new features.